About Us

Back in 2014, our owner, Artie Moskowitz, saw a video of Liam, a young South African boy who received a 3D printed prosthetic hand. He was born without fingers on his right hand but his family couldn’t afford a prosthetic as kids grow out of them yearly or quicker. Just a few months later, Artie bought his first 3D printer (the Lulzbot Taz 4, later upgraded to a Taz 5) and joined a volunteer group called e-Nable. He quickly caught the 3D printing bug and has printed more than 50 hands and a few arms for children in need, As a volunteer group, none of the children paid anything for these assistive devices.

See www.enablingthefuture.org for more information.

Samples of our current work

Soda can opener

Bottle opener

Custom finger splints for sprains